10 Misteri Perancu yang Masih Belum Terpecahkan

Terkadang hal-hal terjadi begitu saja dan di lain waktu terjadi karena alasan yang jahat. Kecelakaan yang parah terjadi setiap saat, begitu pula tragedi yang direncanakan dengan baik. Masalahnya adalah bahwa seseorang tidak selalu dapat membedakan keduanya dan semakin banyak waktu berlalu setelah insiden misterius, semakin sulit untuk menentukan apakah itu terjadi karena kedengkian atau hanya nasib buruk. Apakah objek atau orang tersebut berada di tempat yang salah pada waktu yang salah, atau apakah seseorang memastikannya berada di tempat yang salah? Juga, beberapa misteri lebih 'jelas' daripada yang lain, tetapi seringkali penyebabnya tetap tidak jelas.

10. Greensboro menabrak dan lari

Apa yang seharusnya menjadi perjalanan belanja Natal di menit-menit terakhir yang menyenangkan, berubah menjadi mimpi buruk bagi sekelompok remaja pada tanggal 23 Desember 1988. Kenneth Lynn Dungee, Lavern Allen, Kenneth Newkirk dan Darius Bannerman berangkat dengan sebuah Plymouth Duster dan berencana untuk mengemudi dari Greensboro ke Raleigh.

Allen sedang mengemudi dan mereka semua tertawa dan berbicara saat melakukan perjalanan di sepanjang Interstate 40. Di beberapa titik selama perjalanan, mereka melewati sebuah mobil yang kemudian diketahui telah dikemudikan oleh Grady Alexander. Beberapa detik setelah melewati mobil, Monte Carlo biru menghantam mereka setelah melaju melewati Alexander. Allen memperhatikan mobil itu semakin dekat dengan Plymouth mereka dan mencoba untuk melaju sedikit. Namun, pria di Monte Carlo terus mendekat dan akhirnya menabrak mereka dari belakang.

Keempat remaja itu ketakutan, dan Allen mencoba berbelok melewati lalu lintas untuk menjauh dari Monte Carlo. Sayangnya, mobil mengejar mereka dan menggesek mereka. Pengemudi kemudian mundur sedikit hanya untuk menabrak Plymouth dari belakang lagi dan lagi.

Allen mencoba untuk menahan Plymouth tetap stabil, tetapi akhirnya kehilangan kendali atas mobil dan akhirnya berguling beberapa kali dan mendarat di lapangan.

Kenneth Dungee tewas karena benturan. Kenneth Newkirk menderita patah tulang kaki dan tengkorak. Darius Bannerman mengalami patah pergelangan tangan dan banyak luka di wajahnya. Lavern Allen dibebaskan dari bangkai kapal yang hancur setelah 30 menit dan kemudian kakinya diamputasi.

The unknown man who had run them off the road, got out of his car at the accident site, briefly stared at the wreck and was then called back to his own car by a female companion who had been riding with him.

Police never found the man who caused the death of Kenneth Dungee and the terrible injuries of the other three men in what was initially suspected to be a hate crime. The case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries and is still talked about on internet forums but seems unlikely to ever be solved.

9.Rietbok plane crash

It seemed a bad omen preceded a plane crash more than 50 years ago. On 13 March 1967, South African Airways Flight 406, also known as ‘Rietbok’, set off from Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg but had to return shortly after take-off due to a faulty front nosewheel. This however didn’t deter anyone from letting the plane complete its journey shortly after being repaired. It landed in East London in the afternoon and took off again shortly after. The plane was hardly airborne before it struck a bird. Upon landing in Port Elizabeth, the plane was inspected, and it was decided it could continue flying.

The plane had to then return from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg and the pilot took on more fuel to ensure that predicted bad weather in East London didn’t cause any problems. Passengers who needed to disembark at the East London airport were warned they may not be able to do so. The plane took off from Port Elizabeth at 4:41 GMT and the pilot received a weather update at 4:58 GMT. When the plane passed the Port Elizabeth tower at 5:06, the pilot radioed that he was 20 miles from landing. Three minutes later, the pilot communicated for the last time, saying he was at 2,000 feet and could see the coast. Only one minute after this communication, the ‘Rietbok’ crashed into the sea killing all 25 people on board. Eyewitnesses on a nearby beach, who saw the plane go down, immediately notified police.

There was minimal wreckage to work with for the subsequent investigation into the crash and no bodies were ever recovered. Theories ranged from the pilot suffering a heart attack to sabotage. Others believed the plane crashed due to structural failure as the wing may have separated from the body of the aircraft. However, the true cause of the crash has never been established.

8.Disappearance of David Guerrero

13-year old David Guerrero was something of a prodigy. He had a considerable talent for painting and attended an art academy in Spain. He was a shy boy who preferred to hang out with his brother or parents.

David received a wonderful opportunity in 1987 when he was invited to unveil his first artwork in the La Maison art gallery. In addition to his, a local radio host wanted to interview him about it. David and the radio station agreed to meet in La Maison after school and before David had to be at the art academy. David’s father couldn’t drive him to the interview and instead told him to remain in La Maison after the interview if it ran late and he would pick him up afterwards.
David felt a little under the weather on 6 April 1987, the day of the interview.

He left for the radio station at 18:30. At some point during the 10-minute walk to the bus stop, David disappeared. When his father arrived at the academy at 21:00, he couldn’t find David anywhere. Upon approaching the gallery, he was informed that they hadn’t seen the teenager that day. He drove home to check whether David was there and seeing that he wasn’t, he went to the police station to report his son missing.

The police interviewed many people over the course of their investigation, including all bus drivers that travelled the route David would have taken. Hundreds of anonymous tips were investigated without success. So baffled were the authorities they even followed up on a claim from a psychic that the boy was living in a remote shrine. This too proved to be a dead end. Years passed and the trail as well as the case grew cold.
To date David Guerrero remains missing.

7.Eric Wone murder

In 2006, Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward lived as a polyamorous family in Washington. Robert Eric Wone was acquainted with and visited them on 2 August 2006 with the aim of staying overnight. Within an hour of Wone arriving at the Swann Street residence, neighbours heard a terrified scream. This would later be confirmed to have been uttered by Wone.

Victor Zaborsky called 9-1-1 just before midnight and a string of police officers and paramedics arrived within 5 minutes. Upon their arrival, they were astonished to find the body of Robert Eric Wone lying prone on a bed, fully dressed, with three stab wounds to his chest. The bedding beneath him was folded neatly and there were no signs of a struggle. It also seemed that the body had been washed down after being stabbed. The three occupants of the house were all wearing white bathrobes and looked rather unperturbed by the dead man in their midst. Later, during the autopsy, a pathologist discovered seven needle prick marks on Wone’s body that could not be explained.

Afterwards it was revealed that Zaborsky told the 9-1-1 operator that there was an intruder in their house and that he stabbed Wone. This did not convince police. Price, Zaborsky and Ward were arrested and charged with Wone’s murder. Prosecutors stated that the men cleaned up the crime scene before calling for help. However, the three men’s defence team retorted that they were suspected of the crime merely out of prejudice of their lifestyle.

The accused were all acquitted in 2010 and no one else has ever been charged with Wone’s murder. The mystery of what happened that terrible night, remains.

6.Stolen Boeing 727-223

25 May 2003 was just another day in Luanda, Angola. That is until a Boeing 727-223 was stolen from Quatro de Fevereiro Airport. It is alleged that just before sunset American pilot, Ben C. Padilla and a mechanic from the Congo, John M. Matantu, boarded the plane. Shortly after, the aircraft started moving without any communication reaching the control tower. The plane took off without any lights and disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean.

Padilla’s sister told a newspaper in 2004 that she and her family believed Ben flew the plane against his will and that he may have crashed somewhere over Africa. Other theories include a business feud gone wrong or that the plane was to be used in a terror attack.

The US authorised a search for the aircraft in several countries without success. Several sightings were reported but nothing panned out. The plane as well as the two men remain missing to this day.

5.Utah family stalker

From 2018 through August 2019, a woman and her father had more than 500 people pitch up at their Utah home. They included repairmen, delivery drivers, food deliveries etc. These people were all sent to the house by Loren Okamura who was behind a chilling cyberstalking campaign against the woman.

Okamura even revealed the house address on Craigslist and sent over drug dealers and prostitutes. He also contacted the woman via email and threatened her by writing that she should sleep with one eye open and that “they were coming for her and her parents”. He went on to say that she “should just kill herself and do her family a favor already”.

Okamura didn’t desist from the stalking and harassment even after a civil stalking injunction was obtained against him. The family eventually had to put up a sign at their home to avoid having to open the door for all the strangers that pitched up there. The sign asked that anyone who was sent to their address call the police.

The stalker was eventually arrested in Hawaii in November 2019. However, the motive for his deplorable actions remains unknown.

4.Sneha Anne Philip’s disappearance

31-year old medical intern, Sneha Anne Philip, had a rare day off on 10 September 2001. She used the day to tidy up the apartment she shared with her husband Ron and then had a two-hour instant messaging conversation with her mother between 2 and 4pm. She then changed into different clothes and headed out to buy bedding, underwear, pantyhose, a dress and three pairs of shoes.

When Ron returned home just before midnight, Sneha wasn’t there. He wasn’t worried because she frequently stayed over at her cousin Annu’s or at her brother John’s place. He also wasn’t worried the next morning when he headed back to work in the Bronx.

Namun, ketika tersiar kabar bahwa sebuah pesawat menabrak menara utara World Trade Center, dia langsung menelepon ke rumah. Istrinya tidak mengangkat. Dia menelepon beberapa kali lebih banyak, setiap kali meninggalkan pesan. Dia kemudian mulai khawatir bahwa Sneha mungkin terjebak dalam serangan WTC. Dia berangkat mencari istrinya. Kepanikan yang melanda Manhattan menyebabkan kemacetan lalu lintas dan dia mencapai Tribeca pada pukul sembilan malam. Dia menghabiskan malam di rumah seorang teman dan kembali ke rumah di pagi hari, hanya untuk menemukan Sneha masih tidak ada di sana.

Sadly, Sneha’s name ended up on the 9/11 victims list. Her family believes that she died a hero; that she ran into the inferno caused by the planes crashing into the towers to help those who were hurt and dying. This story was helped along with a lie told by Sneha’s brother who told WABC that he spoke to his sister on 11 September and she told him she was helping people inside the towers.

Officials do not share this belief. Sneha’s name was removed from the list in 2004 when it was alleged that Sneha led a double life and died the night before 9/11. Another theory says that Sneha used the 9/11 tragedy to disappear and start a new life someplace else.

Either way, Ron Philip never saw his wife again and her true fate remains a mystery.

3.Otto Warmbier’s mysterious injury

On 2 January 2016 American college student, Otto Frederick Warmbier was arrested in North Korea. The charge: allegedly stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel. The sentence: 15 years in jail including hard labor.

In March 2016 Warmbier suffered a brain injury which caused him to lapse into a coma. It took North Korean authorities over a year to disclose Warmbier’s medical situation which they tried to explain away by saying he had contracted botulism which had been worsened by Warmbier’s ingestion of a sleeping pill. The young man was released in June 2017, while still in a coma, and transported to a medical centre in the US for treatment.

Sadly, Warmbier never woke up and died six days after being admitted at the medical facility. It was revealed that he died of a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by an unknown neurological injury.

Pengadilan federal AS memutuskan bahwa pemerintah Korea Utara harus bertanggung jawab atas penyiksaan dan kematian Warmbier. Sampai saat ini, masih belum diketahui bagaimana Warmbier menerima luka yang akhirnya membunuhnya. Belum ada bukti yang mendukung teori botulisme dan teori pil tidur, tetapi juga tidak ada bukti fisik penyiksaan di tubuh Warmbier.

Orang tua Otto Warmbier telah memutuskan untuk menuntut pemerintah Korea Utara atas kematian putra mereka.

2. Hilangnya Claudia Kirschhoch

Warga New York berusia 29 tahun, Claudia Kirschhoch, ditawari perjalanan kerja berbayar ke resor Sandals baru di Kuba pada tahun 2000. Penulis perjalanan bertemu dengan penulis perjalanan lain dan tiba di Montego Bay pada 24 Mei 2000. Sayangnya, masalah visa menyebabkan kepada mereka yang terdampar di Jamaika dan tidak dapat terbang kembali ke New York karena penerbangan telah dipesan penuh untuk minggu depan.

Claudia dan rekan penulisnya, Tania Grossinger, kemudian pergi ke resor Sandals di Negril. Mereka tinggal di resor selama tiga hari sebelum berhasil memesan penerbangan dari Jamaika. Namun, Claudia belum siap untuk pergi. Dia dan Tania sarapan bersama sebelum penerbangan Tania. Sore itu, Claudia berjalan-jalan di pantai dan menghilang.

Orang tua Claudia menelepon perusahaan tempatnya bekerja setelah beberapa hari berjuang keras untuk menghubungi putri mereka. Mereka menerima kabar mengejutkan bahwa Claudia tidak pernah kembali bekerja. Ketika kamar hotel Claudia digeledah paspornya, telepon dan tiket penerbangan ke New York semuanya ada. Manajemen di hotel tampaknya tidak peduli bahwa ruangan itu mungkin berisi petunjuk hilangnya Claudia dan mereka hanya menyewakannya kepada pengunjung lain. Tidak lama kemudian telepon Claudia menghilang serta buku catatan yang mencatat semua nomor plat mobil yang masuk dan keluar resor.

Diketahui bahwa Claudia menghabiskan waktu dengan seorang bartender bernama Anthony Grant yang datang sakit sehari setelah Claudia menghilang. Dia tidak masuk kerja selama empat hari dan ketika polisi akhirnya menangkapnya, dia mengakui bahwa dia dan Claudia bertemu pada 26 Mei. Dia menyangkal keterlibatannya dalam hilangnya gadis itu meskipun anjing pelacak melacak bau Claudia ke bagasi dan kursi belakang mobilnya. Dia tidak pernah ditetapkan sebagai tersangka atau ditangkap atas tuduhan apapun.

Orang tua Claudia mencari putri mereka tanpa henti, tetapi dia secara resmi dinyatakan meninggal pada tahun 2002. Nasibnya masih belum diketahui.

1. Pembunuhan Patrick Erhabor

Pada bulan September 2001, seorang pejalan kaki yang berjalan di sepanjang Sungai Thames melihat sesuatu yang berwarna oranye cerah di dalam air. Ketika polisi menyelidiki, mereka menemukan bahwa benda berwarna oranye itu adalah celana pendek yang menutupi tubuh seorang anak laki-laki.

Ketika batang tubuh dikeluarkan dari sungai, polisi melihat bahwa kaki, lengan dan kepala telah disingkirkan dengan bersih dengan pisau yang sangat tajam. Tes pada batang tubuh mengungkapkan bahwa bocah lelaki itu telah diracuni sebelum dibunuh. Ekstrak tumbuhan ditemukan di ususnya yang ditelusuri ke Afrika Barat. Celana pendek yang ditemukan dengan batang tubuh kemungkinan besar dibeli di Jerman atau Austria.

Kejahatan mengerikan ini mengungkap jaringan pedagang anak yang menculik anak-anak di Afrika dan membawanya ke Inggris. Banyak pedagang manusia yang dipenjara, tetapi pembunuh bocah itu masih bebas. Polisi menamai bocah itu 'Adam' dan jenazahnya dimakamkan di pemakaman Southwark.

Selama penyelidikan, polisi menanyai seorang wanita bernama Joyce Osagiede setelah sepasang celana oranye serupa ditemukan di rumahnya. Kurangnya bukti lebih lanjut menyebabkan dia tidak pernah dituduh melakukan pembunuhan dan dia akhirnya dideportasi ke Nigeria. 10 tahun kemudian, Joyce muncul dalam wawancara BBC di mana dia mengatakan nama bocah itu adalah Patrick Erhabor. Dia mengaku telah memberikannya kepada seorang pria bernama Kingsley Ojo. Ojo ditangkap karena perdagangan manusia pada tahun 2004 tetapi tidak dapat dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan Adam.

Sampai saat ini, belum ada penangkapan dalam pembunuhan mengerikan ini. Dan meski diduga ada ritual pengorbanan, motif ini tidak pernah dikonfirmasi.